General Information

We take your security and privacy very seriously. We encrypt all your data so that no-one can see it, NOT EVEN US. We encrypt your password on our servers so that it cannot be read by anyone it shouldn't be. We don't share your data with anyone else without your permission. By using our “Submit An Invoice” Options to withdraw your earnings, we process all payments following the legal provisions. This is covered in more detail in our Privacy Policy. If you have specific questions let us know at support@earnonsocial.com

EarnOnSocial.com does not share it's user data with third parties. When you join EarnOnSocial.com, you agree to our information use and data protection policy as explained in our terms and conditions.


As in everything we do, we're honest and transparent about how we use your info – for more information take a look at our Privacy Promise.


If you leave EarnOnSocial.com, we'll remove as much information as we can about your account other than data we are required to hold under statute.

Whenever you opt to withdraw your earnings, we do everything in our power to get your earnings to you right away. Usually money will appear in your Payment Method between 1 to 4 business days of you submitting the invoice depending upon the Payment Method.


(Banking hours, public holidays and systems outside EarnOnSocial.com's control can sometimes cause a delay.)

Once you've signed up with EarnOnSocial.com, you will receive a personal invite link that you can share with friends to use when they sign up. Your referral must sign up through your link and when they make successfully on-board into the EOS Portal, you'll earn a reward that will show in your EOS Portal Dashboard.

Projects and Campaign

Projects/Campaigns are available to everyone – you just need to go to the Projects/Campaign List Tabs in your EOS Portal Login. You’ll be required to EXECUTE campaigns using the methods explained. Details of the methods and other relevant information will be made available on the Knowledge Base in your EOS Portal Login.

Campaigns are updated every 24hrs. So you will receive new campaigns every 24 hrs. You will receive notifications on your email address used to sign-up for the Ambassador program. You will also receive alerts on your EOS Portal dashboard once a new campaign is available.

There are a number of reasons the Campaigns will show the status as “Terminated”.


Complete the Campaign once it’s been opened – the offer will most likely ‘time out’ if the deadline is passed and will be deemed as Terminated.


Only use one device – make sure you login and execute a Campaign on the same device that you started it on; if you try and carry on a campaign on a different device, the EOS portal or the GCN Tool will identify it as a duplicate activity and that may result in the Campaign being terminated.


Use a valid internet connection – if you’re using a VPN or proxy, please make sure you turn it off before logging into the EOS portal and activating the GCN tool. 

After completing a task, please allow 5-10 minutes for it to register back to our system. If you still aren't credited you either did the task incorrectly by not following the directions, OR you already completed the task in the past. If you still think it's an error and can provide proof, please contact our support team.

ABOUT EarnOnSocial.com

We know you love staying connected on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and other social media.


EarnOnSocial.com is a part of a conglomerate and is able to leverage the resources of the larger group companies. This ensures we have the resources, operational infrastructure and support in place to make your journey as an Ambassador fulfilling and financially rewarding.


We utilize the latest AI and automation tools and techniques to enable us to cover a vast amount of data quickly, ensuring no potential customer is missed. Our filtering process then kicks in to make sure only the most relevant potential customers are sent our offers.

With a growing database of 750M+ records, we are able to quickly access the right offer for the right person.


Our founders spotted the opportunity to do something good for internet users, online businesses and social media enthusiasts. They spent over 2 years building the technology around their idea and getting the right expertise and support in place, and then launched in 2021. We're now a growing business, serving thousands of users and clients Worldwide.

When using EarnOnSocial.com, We work in the background to get your Campaigns to beta test and then assign the approved ones to you. We give you cash for executing the assigned campaigns based on the type of tasks and in addition to that, we pay you commissions earned by you on a sale generated as defined by the client.


We also pay you for your likes, shares and comments on content pushed by us and on invites because you are driving traffic and potential members to an event.


We also pay you for getting subscribers to our sites and also for getting completed demos for some of our clients.

There's no limit to how much you can earn. We offer you cash rewards for executing tasks on behalf of brands, as well as for liking, sharing and commenting on social media content, as well as for clicks and invites and much more. Signup now and discover many other ways.

It's free and easy. Go to our sign up page and enter your email address and a few details such as your LinkedIn profile URL, your preferred time zone etc, and you are good to go


You will receive campaigns every 24 hours. In case you are interested in getting additional campaigns or are interested in signing up for the role of Sales Ambassador, please contact your Sales Manager through the EOS Portal Dashboard.

Yes. You can update your Payment Method details by email to accounts@earnonsocial.com.

If you are having trouble logging in, there are 3 things that could be going wrong.


  • Are you entering the wrong email address? Double check the email address you used.


  • Did you sign up with a different email address? Make sure you are entering the correct email address when trying to log in.


  • Have you forgotten your password? No problem, you can reset your password.